The most efficient and comfortable way to heat a home. Uniform heat, silent, dust free…


Hydronic heated driveways melt the snow as it falls automatically stopping when dry…


BCIN certified mechanical designs, heat loss calculations and loop layout drawings…

Full project management

Let us carry the burden.

We can take a lead role in your project to coordinate with all involved trades. Plumbers, HVAC professionals, electricians, concrete contractors, landscapers each play a critical role in the setup of a hydronic system. Real estate in most mechanical rooms comes at a premium. Everyone needs their dedicated and common areas. Trades have to be coordinated in line with the progress of the project. We will liaise with all trades to coordinate progress of your project. An efficient and fully functional system, is the direct result of a well managed project from an experienced team. We ensure there are no surprises, blame games or wasting of your time and energy.

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Diana DiTomaso
Diana DiTomaso

Complete replacement of boiler system

Louis Chan
Louis Chan

My basement in-floor heating was not working properly, I knew something was not right from a layman point of view like myself. Gabor came and explained to me what was wrong and rectified it as quoted.

Rabiul Ashraf
Rabiul Ashraf

Gloria Wu
Gloria Wu

Provided reasonable cost estimate, good quality equipment and prompt installations, very patient and willing to explain how the entire system works, flexible to coordinate with your work schedule. Their work is professional so overall I am satisfied with the work they did. Thumbs up 👍 and thank you 🙏

Temuri Imnaishvili
Temuri Imnaishvili

I asked Gabor of GTAHeat to install water radiant heating (radiators) in my home. Right from the start it was obvious that he was a true professional. He was able to answer all my questions and presented me with the drawings. He then ran all the pipes and installed the hardware, consulting with me along the way. There were no hidden or surpise charges, everything that had to be done extra was presented for my approval beforehand.

He did his job very quickly and the entire system launched flawlessly at the first attempt.

You won't find a better specialist in this field, highly recommended.

Wayne Chow
Wayne Chow

Professional and good workmanship.

F Dasilva
F Dasilva

GTA Heat was fantastic! Gabor and his partner are true gentleman and perfectionist when it comes to driveway heating installation.
Gabors willingness to fit all the equipment in a very limited wall space and keep to his attention to detail made it look like a work of art. I am extremely happy with the service, quality and attention to detail.
I give them my highest recommendation. Fantastic Job!!!

Ronald Wells
Ronald Wells

GTA HEAT.CA installed my heated driveway. They were very systematic, knew what they were doing, knew their product, and educated me in the system. This made my choice obvious when researching several companies to install my heated driveway. I highly recommend them!

Aaron Peters
Aaron Peters

Gabor and his team do a wonderful job! Their work is exceptional and they are always responsive, whether it’s on the weekend, at night or even on a holiday. Their prices are very affordable and fair. I recommend them very highly. You will be thrilled with their work!

Jeff Brunet
Jeff Brunet

Gabor and team did an amazing job. We have a large house with a complex forced air and radiant heat combination. After many unsuccessful visits with other HVAC companies I spent the time to find experts in hydronics. They were able to design and build a great solution and literally worked 12+ hours a day until it was all up and running. Highly recommended!


A picture is worth more than a thousand words

We are not happy until you are!

We are blessed to be able to do what we love for a living. Hydronics is our passion.

The Highest Standards

We aim for perfection in all our designs and installations using hardware from Canadian manufacturers whenever possible. In all our designs we maximize energy savings and comfort, never compromising quality just to win a contract. We offer an unparalleled 2 year comprehensive warranty on all our installations. We guarantee our work will meet code requirements, be without defects and perform flawlessly.

Competent, Certified and Insured

We are certified by the Canadian Hydronics Council to design and install hydronic systems. Our Gas and HVAC Technician partners are fully licensed and insured. We all learned the hard way and remember the lessons learned. We don't solve problems, we preempt them.

Up to any challenge

No project is too small or too large. We can help you build your dream home on time and budget. We prefer to avoid creating problems instead wasting time solving them.

Maximum value

You will not be disappointed with the value and quality we deliver. Our hydronic heating and snowmelt systems are guaranteed to add value to any property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Radiant heating frequently asked questions

What information do you need to give me a quote?

  • The location and size of the areas to be heated
  • The location of the boiler(s) and the distance from the heated areas
  • Heat loss calculations if available
  • Architectural drawings if available
  • Landscape drawings if available
  • Photos of the area and garage

What can you heat with a boiler?

  • Radiant heated floors and driveways
  • Hydronic air handlers and space heaters
  • Steel and cast iron radiators and towel warmers
  • Baseboard heaters
  • Potable water

What services do you offer?

  • BCIN stamped radiant heating designs, heat loss calculations, system audits
  • Radiant floor and driveway heating system service and installation
  • Concrete forming and pours
  • Self leveling concrete over-pours
  • Landscaping
  • Gas lines and venting installations

How much does a heated driveway cost?

The price of a snow melt install depends on the size of the area, the brand and model of the boiler used and the distance from the boiler to the snow melt manifolds. Like with many things the more you buy the cheaper you get as systems get scaled up the $/ ft² goes down. To properly quote a system we need to know the answers to the above variables as they greatly affect the installation costs. Please fill out our Quote Request form and you will get a quick and detailed free quote.

How much does a heated driveway cost?

The price of a snow melt install depends on the size of the area, the brand and model of the boiler used and the distance from the boiler to the snow melt manifolds. Like with many things the more you buy the cheaper you get as systems get scaled up the $/ ft² goes down. To properly quote a system we need to know the answers to the above variables as they greatly affect the installation costs. Please fill out our Quote Request form and you will get a quick and detailed free quote.

How much does it cost to heat my driveway?

The cost of running a snow melt system depends on a number of variables. These are:

  • The cost of a unit of energy used (Natural Gas $/m³, Electricity $/kwh, Propane $/L)
  • The size of the snow melt area
  • The temperature of the air
  • The humidity of the air
  • Wind speed
  • Thickness of the underlying insulation
  • The diameter of the tubing in the ground
  • The rate of snow fall
  • The duration of the snow fall
  • The BTU/ft² per hour we are able to deliver to the ground
  • The thickness and material of the slab above the tubing
  • The drainage of the heated area

All the above variables will dictate how long your snow melt system is operating and and therefore consuming energy.

That being said lets look at a 1,000 ft² driveway in the GTA that is well insulated with R10 closed cell insulation from below on a well drained driveway using 3/4″ tubing.

Boiler used: High efficiency modulating boiler 199,000 BTU/hr. 96% peak efficiency
Design glycol temperature: 150°F
ΔT of glycol: 25°F
Boiler efficiency at 125°F return glycol temperature: ~89%
Energy input: 199,000 BTU/hr
Energy output at design conditions: 177,110 BTU/hr
Edge and bottom loss 20% at the slab: 20% = 35,422 BTU/hr
Delivered to the slab: 141,688 BTU/hr
Energy usage: 199,000 BTU/hr
Estimated annual hours of operation: 120 hours (historical weather data)
Gas consumption: 199,000 x 120 = 23,880,000 BTU/yr
Fuel: Natural gas
Fuel energy content: 36,000 BTU/m³
Annual Natural Gas consumption: 23,880,000 / 36,000 = 663.33 m³/yr
Fuel: Natural gas

gas bill

That means that every operating hour the system will consume about $3.31 CAD

Free quotes!

+1 647 688 2669

How we work

If you don’t mess up, there is nothing to fix.


Gathering information

We need the following information conveyed to us to begin the process if applicable:

  • Architectural drawings
  • Landscape drawings
  • Heat loss calculations
  • Loop layouts
  • Areas to be heated (floors, driveways, garages, pools)
  • Sizes of those areas
  • System’s location (mech. room or garage)
  • Pictures of the areas and location(s)
  • Number of heating zones per floor
  • Fuel availability (natural gas, propane, electricity, wood)
  • Address and contact information



Once we have all the information we will design your system. For more complex hydronic systems we will create a mechanical design, if there is a need we also can provide heat loss calculations based on floor heating as the primary source of the home as well as loop layouts for those floors needed to obtain a building permit.


On-site meetings

Once a contract is signed we will arrange for an on-site meeting for any other trades that we will coordinate the process with. We will lay out amongst us where the plumber put their drains and pipes, the HVAC guys put their AC, HRV, gas manifold and ductwork, the electricians put their electrical panels, the landscapers and concrete guys to go over a driveway’s preparation. This prevents us getting in each other’s way and a lot of frustration.



Our work can has several phases for a full house floor heating system install. During construction we coordinate our scheduling between the trades if so desired. We never hold up construction this way, having ample forewarning when it is our turn to do a particular stage of the installation. Once a system is completed and commissioned we always help the homeowner understand the system and make sure they can fully control it. The more is learned, the less need for a call for help in case a power or gas outage interrupts the system or something similar.


The floor heating in the basement is on. Will make the electric heaters andthe construction gas burners that kept the place from freezing redundant by morning. Justin time for the cold weather rolling in tomorrow. #torontocustomhome #heating #hydronics #hvaccontractor #radiantheat #manifolds #torontocontractor #drivewayheating #turbomax #thermo2000 #radiantfloorheating #snowmelt #infloorheating #heatingsystem #hydronicheating #torontorenovation #torontoconstruction #electricboilers #heateddriveways #snowmeltsystem #mechanicalcontractors #ntiboilers #construction #snowmelt #dahlvalve ...

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A wonderful and smart feature on this @ntiboilers TFTN 399 is a drain for the air intake. Real smart. #torontocustomhome #heating #hydronics #hvaccontractor #radiantheat #manifolds #torontocontractor #drivewayheating #turbomax #thermo2000 #radiantfloorheating #snowmelt #infloorheating #heatingsystem #hydronicheating #torontorenovation #torontoconstruction #electricboilers #heateddriveways #snowmeltsystem #mechanicalcontractors #ntiboilers #construction #snowmelt #dahlvalve ...

25 0

This is why we strongly suggest you have us install snow melt tubing in the steps too. Hardly anyone breaks their back on a flat driveway. #torontocustomhome #heating #hydronics #hvaccontractor #radiantheat #manifolds #torontocontractor #drivewayheating #turbomax #thermo2000 #radiantfloorheating #snowmelt #infloorheating #heatingsystem #hydronicheating #torontorenovation #torontoconstruction #electricboilers #heateddriveways #snowmeltsystem #mechanicalcontractors #ntiboilers #construction #snowmelt #dahlvalve ...

33 6

A bit lengthy explanation why we only use @thermo2000inc indirect and buffer tanks. @k_dubbl_u Kevin came by to make sure we are treating their tanks right at our ongoing project. A pretty good feeling knowing that the best indirect tanks money can buy are made in Canada. #torontocustomhome #heating #hydronics #hvaccontractor #radiantheat #manifolds #torontocontractor #drivewayheating #turbomax #thermo2000 #radiantfloorheating #snowmelt #infloorheating #heatingsystem #hydronicheating #torontorenovation #torontoconstruction #electricboilers #heateddriveways #snowmeltsystem #mechanicalcontractors #ntiboilers #construction #snowmelt #dahlvalve ...

40 2

Spent a geeky morning with Michael Riddler from Eden Energy Equipment @edenenergyequipment who decided to turn that lecture into a teaching moment to share on camera he set up for his @plumbing_hvac_ live training. I displayed enough ignorance to have stayed after as piñata for the live event as well. Some good info was conveyed about @ibcboiler_can and @enertechglobal heat pumps as well as @rhella @jaganorthamerica and @sunampltd phase change batteries. If you wish to witness it all check out at https://youtu.be/hcKWeIumElI?si=Af7xSHD5sVN_uBQW #torontocustomhome #heating #hydronics #hvaccontractor #radiantheat #manifolds #torontocontractor #drivewayheating #heatpump #phasechangebattery #radiantfloorheating #snowmelt #infloorheating #heatingsystem #hydronicheating #torontorenovation #torontoconstruction #electricboilers #heateddriveways #snowmeltsystem #mechanicalcontractors #ntiboilers #construction #snowmelt #dahlvalve ...

24 1

You know you are doing something good when every ten minutes a plumber, HVAC, electrician and the home owner bringing friends comes in to see the progress you are making. #torontocustomhome #heating #hydronics #hvaccontractor #radiantheat #manifolds #torontocontractor #drivewayheating #turbomax #thermo2000 #radiantfloorheating #snowmelt #infloorheating #heatingsystem #hydronicheating #torontorenovation #torontoconstruction #electricboilers #heateddriveways #snowmeltsystem #mechanicalcontractors #ntiboilers #construction #snowmelt #dahlvalve ...

36 0

The missing piece of the puzzle arrived. The @thermo2000inc BUFFMAX50 is the linchpin of the setup. Thank you JP for expediting it. #torontocustomhome #heating #hydronics #hvaccontractor #radiantheat #manifolds #torontocontractor #drivewayheating #turbomax #thermo2000 #radiantfloorheating #snowmelt #infloorheating #heatingsystem #hydronicheating #torontorenovation #torontoconstruction #electricboilers #heateddriveways #snowmeltsystem #mechanicalcontractors #ntiboilers #construction #snowmelt #dahlvalve ...

17 0

We finally laid@our hands on this wonderful tank and completed this basement floor heating and domestic hot water generating boiler system. The tank from @thermo2000inc has no problem absorbing all 100% output from the @ntiboilers TFTN 285 boiler all the way until it reaches the required temperature. These tanks carry a 20 year domestic use warranty! I`m yet to see one fail. Very proud to be able to use the best in tanks and boilers Canada has to offer. #torontocustomhome #heating #hydronics #hvaccontractor #radiantheat #manifolds #torontocontractor #drivewayheating #turbomax #thermo2000 #radiantfloorheating #snowmelt #infloorheating #heatingsystem #hydronicheating #torontorenovation #torontoconstruction #electricboilers #heateddriveways #snowmeltsystem #mechanicalcontractors #ntiboilers #construction #snowmelt #dahlvalve ...

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