Our specialties

Heated Floors

The most comfortable and efficient way to heat a home is through its floors. We can install floor heating on any floor. In the basement the tubing is embedded on insulation under the slab, on the upper floors it is stapled down onto the subfloor and overpoured with self-levelling concrete.

Heated Driveways

With our hydronic snowmelt systems installed, you never have to shovel snow or sprinkle salt on your driveway or steps any more. No more slipping and falling and back breaking, never ending hassle. It is fully automated and will leave your driveway dry at the end of a melt cycle.

Design Services

We offer BCIN certified and stamped mechanical drawings, heat loss calculations and loop layout drawings you can use to draw your building permits.

self levelling concrete


In case tubing is stapled down onto the sub-floor, we need to overpour them with self levelling concrete. Our specialists will prepare the floor then pump in a special mix of slushy concrete to cover those tubing turning the whole floor into a giant radiator. Another application would be damaged and uneven concrete floors, which will be silk smooth and level after the overpour is completed.


Concrete Forming

We offer driveway and other concrete slab forming though our concrete contractor affiliate companies covering the whole GTA. Let it be stamped and colored concrete, exposed aggregate or brushed finish, we can do it all. The companies we work with all have experience in installing heated driveways, minimizing any chance of the concrete cracking.



Our landscaping partners will turn barren construction sites into lush forests and oasis in record time. If a swimming pool is what you desire they will work with your dreams and budget to make it happen. All have experience installing heated driveways, flag stone finishes and pavers.

HVAC and Gas

Our licensed HVAC and Gas technicians will gas and vent your boilers and furnaces, design and install duct work, sheet metal and A/C units, heat pumps or fireplaces. From the smallest stove to the largest mansion they have it covered.