Vince had his driveway rebuilt and heated in 2021. He was so happy he referred us to his uncle the following year.

Client: Vince

Category: Heated Driveway

Date: September 2021

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We set out with Patterned Concrete Mississauga Inc to transform and enlarge and heat Vincent’s driveway. He wanted a pad in front of his steps as well as heated wrap around the sides. The garage where the boiler and hydronics are is now heated with a fan coil also powered by his boiler. Since the work has been completed the high point of his garage is not his Ferrari but the snow melt system 🙂

Heated Driveway
Heated Garage
Heated steps
Happy customer

Vince was so happy with his new heated driveway that he referred us to his uncle for whom we also installed one since.