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Snow Melt at Night

Nobody likes to shovel snow. Nobody likes to wait for landscapers to plow their driveway. Where do you put all that snow? We slip and fall and struggle for hours to clean our walkways, driveways and steps and watch the snow start up again the moment we finished sprinkling the last pound of salt we had. Come spring time see see our ride and joy flower beds and curbs decimated by plows, salt and frost. We trip and twist ankles on cracks and potholes and dread the expense of repaving and resurfacing.

snowed in driveway
My landscaper took 5 hours to show up. Once he pushed the snow to the side and left, the city plow drove by and pushed 2′ of snow back onto my driveway. I am 80 years old, how am I gonna get out of my house?

Don’t despair and forsake the shovel and salt. Hydronic radiant snow melt is the salve you seek..We can help you turn a chore into distant memory. Our Propylene-glycol filled closed loop snow melt solutions will completely automate drying off your steps and any outside surface you want snow and slip free. All that without corrosive chemicals and even cheaper than the prices landscapers charge. Not to mention there is no wait time for it to show up!

This is my second season with a snow melt system on my driveway. It was worth the investment. My neighbors are green with envy. Running costs are far less than I expected and I am no longer worried that my dad will break a hip trying to ascend the front steps…
When you are building new or replacing your old driveway, insulation and tubing goes down first.
concrete driveway
On top goes wire mesh (optional) then comes the 6″+ concrete. The tubing is embedded in the slab insulated from below by the R10 puck style HotRockPanel Insulation.
stamped concrete
You can either leave the concrete and stamp it.
Put down interlocking pavers.
Luxury Stones
Or you can have beautiful stone set in cement on top.
Snow Melt Manifolds
Tubing is connected to manifolds which themselves are connected to supply and return large diameter tubing that is routed to the room the boiler is located in.
snow melt boiler room
A properly sized boiler can also heat the house through hydronic air handlers, make domestic hot water, heat your floors through radiant heating and of course melt your snow.
snow melt controller
Melting is handled by a snow melt controller. It senses moisture and temperature and if the conditions call for it turns the snow melt system on. Once the area is dry it then turns the heat off and waits for the next snow fall.