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Snowmelt System in Thornhill

A return customer asked us to install a snowmelt system to help keep his brand new driveway, connected porches and steps snow free this season. We have previously installed insulation and tubing under the garage floor and once the landscaping designs were finalized we could calculate the necessary boiler power and hydronics to ensure reliable snow melting and a comfortably warm garage. Two

IBC SL 30-250 G3 boilers

provide the heat between 30,000 and 520,000 BTU per hour as needed, seamlessly turning on and off and throttling according to demand. 2″ supply and return tubing carries the heated Propylene Glycol to a 16 loop 2-1/2″ body stainless steel manifold which distributes it through full flow 3/4″ loops. The snowmelt system is automated using Tekmar’s 654 controller. Joints were made with Viega’s ProPress fitting system. Contact us today for a free quote.

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