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Snow Melt System, Garage Heater and Pool Heat Exchanger in Palgrave

We were tasked to build a snow melt system for a 3,800 ft² driveway and porch, while keeping the garage heated and use the system in the summer to heat the pool too. Two Rhella XFM 2″ trunk stainless steel full flow snowmelt manifolds will spread the heat made by a Lochinvar FTXL 600 boiler, the circulators are from Rhella and Grundfos. A pair of 2″ and a pair of 1-1/4″ PEX BARR tubing will take the water/antifreeze mix to the ground mounted  manifolds. A Thermo2000 Buffmax 50 hydronic buffer tank optimizes burn time and prevents short cycling of the boiler. Since condensing boilers generate water as one of the combustion products, they are to be installed in a space that is kept above freezing temperatures. If left in a cold space, it can freeze in the condensate trap cracking it and possibly back up into the boiler where it can also damage the heat exchanger. To help solve that problem, we also installed a hydronic fan coil, space heater that will keep things from freezing. The pool pump and filter will be on the other side of the wall where the AIC Titanium pool heat exchanger is mounted between the buffer tank and the boiler. Utilizing the boiler not just for the snow melt system but also to heat the pool will save space and money spent on a dedicated pool heater. We will monitor the incoming pool water temperature and call for heat if it drops below the preset temperature. Transition between copper and PEX tubing is with SharkBite large diameter 90s. We used the Viega ProPress fitting system to speed up the install as well as eliminate any chance of a leak.  If you have a project in mind please do not hesitate to Contact Us for a free quote.



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