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Boiler room overhaul in Aurora

We were tasked of making sense of a badly botched hydronic installation in Aurora that ended in a complete boiler room overhaul. In addition to be completely mis-piped, leaking and non performing, the two Navien boilers were also vented using incorrect piping with a bad back-fall which resulted in condensation waters to accumulate in the exhaust pipes blocking the path of the gases. This presented a possibly life threatening problem that had to be immediately repaired. Desperate attempts to control temperatures and flows by the original hacks resulted in a jungle of wires, relays and actuators. It was an impressive pile of hardware that made two other companies that were called to fix it run out of the house as if it was on fire. Needless to say nothing other than two air handlers next to the boiler room were getting any kind of heat. During the overhaul we ended up having to cut the box on the garage wall. We had to throw out most everything except the two boilers, the indirect heater and two manifolds. Pipes and tubing were clogged with rust and debris and we washed them all out with high pressure air then water. Once everything was completed we were asked to fix up the garage as well. These pictures speak for themselves.

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